Irish Gal

Society is pretty fucked up...
You're either to fat... to skinny..
You wear to much makeup... not enough makeup..
Your music is shit...
You aren't allowed be the person you want to be...
Well my blog is me being my fucking self...
My Opinions, my thoughts my world and no one tells me what to post/think/believe.


I had a sign in my room that said “laugh” but the ‘L’ and the ‘A’ fell off and now it only says “ugh” and thats just perfect

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Taureans have many friends can can always be relied upon in times of chaos. These individuals can be somewhat confusing to their company, one day they may express as warm and loving - the next, indifferent and uninterested. Their sister Scorpio does that too - but as a result of mood shifts. The changing Taurean is a mystery. 


Virgo the flowers,
Taurus the trees,
Capricorn the gems deep in the earth.

Gemini the hurricane,
Libra the breath of life,
Aquarius the tornado that never touches down.

Aries the hearth fire,
Leo the bale fire,
Sagittarius the lingering embers pulsing along burned wood.

Cancer the river,
Scorpio the rapids,
Pisces the very depths of the ocean.

the signs on a first date

  • aries: repairs your car with your blood and lego tools because they genuinely want to help you
  • taurus: keeps their arms crossed across their chest all the time because they don't want to be vulnerable to enemies and so far you are an enemy
  • gemini: sends their twin to the date and spends the whole night bathing and laughing at you
  • cancer: brings you to see The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and tells you that your face is truly pretty
  • leo: will make you get a shock
  • virgo: refuses to open their eyes because it's only the first date
  • libra: strips to the waist to show their perfect skin (dermatologists hate them)
  • scorpio: talks about the person they like all the time. Naturally said person isn't you
  • sagittarius: confesses you they're wanted by the police, the Illuminati and the aliens and entrusts you with a secret task, before someone recognises and arrests them. Congratulations. You're now on a mission
  • capricorn: complains their knife isn't sharp enough and cuts their pizza with their hand, then reports the restaurant to the police, asks you to witness in court and claims to have lost their faith in God
  • aquarius: picks the mountains as location and lets you die in the snow because you can't keep pace with them, then probably cries
  • pisces: gives you a bouquet of poisoned roses and suggests you to use a white rose as boutonnière


taurus love the moon and the stars but truly appreciate what they can hold in their hands. they find the most of everything they ever wanted exists within their four walls


it’s just. ferguson isn’t over. this shit won’t ever be over. but people have stopped reblogging, stopped posting, stopped raising awareness for this major event. people are still angry. i’m still angry. stay angry.

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