Irish Gal

Society is pretty fucked up...
You're either to fat... to skinny..
You wear to much makeup... not enough makeup..
Your music is shit...
You aren't allowed be the person you want to be...
Well my blog is me being my fucking self...
My Opinions, my thoughts my world and no one tells me what to post/think/believe.


fanfiction be like:

hey i just met you,

and this is crazy,

but i dont know how to talk to you,

so im going to suck your dick

leave school to go on tour with you

messy buns


light makeup

im a waitress

frat boy niall

dark and after harry

gay louis

perfect and evil zayn

puppy liam.


I just want to wear Niall’s clothes and snapbacks is that too much for a girl to ask

She was nothing but a lost soul, like the rest trying to find her way in a world so cruel and unforgiving.

—From a short story I probably will never finish!


I can’t believe it’s the last date of the Where We Are Tour already. Seems like just yesterday we were watching the entire first show through 6 second vines.

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Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

—Mark Twain (via kushandwizdom)